The Lysak Lab

About us

We investigate genome evolution across the plant kingdom at different levels of complexity:  

  • DNA sequences (NGS-based genome analysis)
  • Chromosomes (chromosome rearrangements, karyotype evolution)
  • Genomes (genome collinearity, polyploidy)
  • Species (speciation, phylogenomics)


Genome evolution in crucifers (Brassicaceae) is our leading research theme. We are analyzing the incidence, mechanisms and rate of chromosome rearrangements, sequence structure of chromosome breakpoints, modes of centromere shift and elimination, evolution of repetitive sequences, and reconstructing ancestral genomes. We are testing causal links between whole-genome duplication events, karyotypic variation and species radiations.


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MUNI SCIENTIST 2023 Award for the members of the Lysak Lab

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PhD project in centromere genomics

Topic title:  The “black holes” of plant chromosomes: centromere structure and evolution