This is limited web version of chromDraw 2.0 tool. On this page you can create your own figures of karyotypes without installation of this tool. You have three options how you can upload input data. The first option is to use our database containing already some plant species. Otherwise you can paste input matrix into text box or you can upload file containing input matrix from your computer. You have the same three options for defining colors. After upload all data click to PROCESS button, then you will get output figures in *.eps and *.svg data format.

For correct display, please use the following version of web browsers:
  • Firefox >= 33.0
  • Chrome >= 17.0
  • Opera >= 12.0
  • IE >= 10.0
If you do not have one of the supported web browsers you can still download the figures.


Janečka, Jan, and Martin A. Lysak. "chromDraw: an R package for visualization of linear and circular karyotypes." Chromosome Research (2015): 1-7.


Karyotype 1
Karyotype 2